Citalopram HBR

Citalopram (Celexa hydrobromide) is an antidepressant meant for the major symptoms of major misery. By dealing with the actual cause of depression - the imbalance of chemical called serotonin, Citalopram aids the patient to obtain rid of such symptoms as feeling of worthlessness, modification in appetite or weight, suicidal ideas, insomnia or extreme sleeping, and a lot of others. Citalopram is offered in two types - tablets and liquid. , if you have been suggested the liquid form make certain you take the exact quantity of the drug suggested by your doctor.. You can make certain the amount is exact just by determining it with the support of a special cup or spoon (if you do not have it, ask your medical professional or pharmacologist for one).

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Taking even more of Citalopram could cause such unpleasant and dangerous signs as lightheadedness, puking, nausea, sleepiness, quick heart beat, sweating, trembles, purplish staining of the skin or convulsions. , if you think you have actually taken too considerably of this medicine and have the signs mentioned over look for urgent health care aid.. Do not start taking any sort of brand-new medicines (specifically fluconazole, erythromycin, itraconazole, metoprorol, omeprazole, carbamazepine, lithium, and cimetidine, warfarin and other anidepressants) without formerly consulting your medical professional as this might lower the efficiency of Citalopram.

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